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Sonar Survey Scan of your Frac Pit Assets for complete water data

Providing a cost-effective way to provide detailed 3D matrix mapping your frac pits. 

  • Complete Picture of your Frac Ponds

  • Water Level / BBLS Strap Table Report

  • Total Capacity Analysis

  • Color Bathometry / Depth Charts

  • 3D Pit Models 


TransMap Video Intro - CLICK HERE

Simple, powerful and effective remote water asset monitoring.


Supporting a cost effective approach to monitoring of critical frac water assets. 

  • Complete and accurate Water Monitoring

  • Fresh/Produced Ponds, Water Meters & more

  • Access via PC, Smart-Phone or tablet

  • Alerts for change in conditions

  • You run your water and not vice-versa


TransWatch Video Intro - CLICK HERE


Transwater Inc is a leading provider of water monitoring solutions for the hydraulic frac completions marketplace.  Our experience in the industry makes us a valuable partner for frac pit scan/survey mapping, remote water asset monitoring solutions. 


Transwater… Transforming oil & gas water with technology and science.




Phone:  432.242.5010

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